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Drop Lines - NO FITTINGS Droplines - One end only Droplines - Two Ends
Drop Lines - NO FITTINGSDroplines - One end onlyDroplines - Two Ends
One 3 foot length of 5/16" tubing. any 5/16" tubing fitting can be used on this. This is food grade tubing specifically designed for maple sap collection. If you need different length droplines or need them customized, please call Sarah at (989)766-2593.Pre-made droplines. Made from 5/16" semi rigid tubing (color may vary depending on what's in stock), cut to 36". Comes with a spout installed. If a specific spout fitting is not specified it comes standard with a 5/16" health spout from Lapierre....

Pre-made droplines. Tubing is cut to 36" in length. Fittings can be customized for the same price, just call in an order with specific fittings. Standard fittings are a 5/16" health spout from Lapierre and a universal 3-stage T, unless other...




Tubing Semi Rigid 3/16" Green Tubing Semi Rigid 5/16" Blue
Tubing Semi Rigid 3/16" GreenTubing Semi Rigid 5/16" Blue

One 500 foot roll of 3/16" semi rigid tubing.  Food Grade, made is Canada.  

Lapierre Max-Flex MAX10 Semi-Rigid tubing - Blue.  10 Year 5/16". 500 foot roll.