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Barrel 16 Gallon Plastic Barrel 40 Gallon Innovaweld Barrel Cart - Lapierre
Barrel 16 Gallon PlasticBarrel 40 Gallon InnovaweldBarrel Cart - Lapierre

Lapierre's Plastica drum in the 16 gallon size.  This drum is made of thick, durable plastic and has two 2" dungs, one on the top and one on the side.  

Lapierre's Innovaweld stainless steel 40 gallon barrel.  Our most popular stainless steel barrel in the 40 gallon size!

Drum truck.  Move barrels around with ease!




Barrel Plastic 6 Gallon
Barrel Plastic 6 Gallon

Lapierre's Plastica drum in the 6 gallon size.  Very tough, durable plastic.  This drum has two bungs, one on the side and one on the top, both 2" bungs.